What Anthony Robbins has to say about Network Chiropractic and the Founder Dr. Donny!

Donny & Tony


Anthony Robbins Speaks about the benefits of Network Spinal Analysis and his best friend and Founder of NSA!!

What NSA has done for Tony & Sage Robbins, can also serve you!  For your complimentary 30 minute consultation contact. Dr. J. Anna Stid, NSA Certified Practitioner in San Francisco (Noe Valley).


Holiday Wellness Tips for A Happier Healthier Celebration!

~ Wash your hands often, tis the germ season

~ Drink Herbal Teas~ They are warming and the steam from your kettle reduces the “airbournes” in your house

~ Avoid Caffine, Alcohol, Sugar and if you know you’re going to have it eat healthy before and after- Kombucha is a great way to balance

~ Drink Green smoothies with Kale, cucmber, Spinach to alkalininze your diet if adding more sugar then ususal

~ Get plenty of Rest give yourself a break… the winter is a time for rest not go go go!

~ Go for a walk!!  get some fresh air, grab a friend and go… stress can increase during this time so some form of exercise will reduce the holiday buildup!

~ Remember to Breathe and don’t sweat the small stuff

Clear, Resolve, Reset, Refresh!

Clearing the Path for Resolution to Start the New Year off Fresh!

I love this time of year, aside from all the fun Holiday fare, the lights, and all celebrations; I also love the winter-water time of Soul Reflections.  The moments where one gets lost in the trance of a fire or candle light listening to soft music and finding ourselves reminicing over all the memories of the past.  As the days grow shorter and shorter, this begins an opportunity to re-access, and take inventory of all that we have accomplished, as well as, all the challenges presented as people and experiences we have learned from. * I like to work with Archangel Jeremiel in this process as he assists in resolution.

I like to clear out the old good and “bad” parts of the past year or years past so that the new and fresh can arrive.  I feel like this is a step most often missed, in the goal setting process, as one needs to empty the cup before one can refill it again.  So I want to invite you all to do some kind of releasing ceremony to let go of this past year or years past to make space for your vision for 2012 up through the Winter Solstice on Wednesday December 21st.

1) This can look like writing down a list of the things: you wanted to accomplish and didn’t this past year, any dissappointments, addictions, people who no longer support you where you are, any forgivenesses, blocks, emotions, anything keeping you in the past good or bad.  Then either taking the list and burning it or putting it in a bowl of water.

2) Next, I like to light a candle, and take a salt water bath using 5lbs of rock salt with my favorite essential oils in the hottest water I can stand for as long as I can.  Then I release half the water and add cold water to seal in the good or take a cool shower.   FYI~ You will be vibrating at a high calibration so take it easy when you get out!

3) Take some releasing actions steps … ie clean out some old clothes in the closet, release a pair of shoes I don’t wear anymore, clean out a drawer, let go of some trinkets and jewelry… You may even be able to cut your Holiday spending down by doing a Give Away of nice things to people you love that you yourself no longer use anymore! Plus its a green way to reduce-reuse, recycle, or donate!

This weekend I got to particpate in the Mother of all Releasing Ceremonies with Pixie Campbell!!  Wow, Iam sooo greatful and released so much and felt compelled to share with you some of the things I do at the end of the Year to make room for the new to show up!

Happy Holidays!

Dr. Donald EpsteinDC, Founder of Network Chiropractic, in Bay Area!

Dr. “Donny” Epstein will be here in SF near the airport this weekend!  For those of you who would like to see him speak I highly recommend it!

For more info go to:  www.wiseworldsemiars.com

Here is what Tony Robbins has to say about Network Spinal Analysis and Somato Respiratory Integration!

“Network Spinal Analysis andSomato Respiratory Integration, Donny Epstein’s revolutionary methodologies, are amongst the most powerful sources of personal transformation I have ever experienced or seen. They produce embodied and empowered strategies that are both sustainable and enjoyable for enhanced human resourcefulness and wellness.
I am stronger, more inspired, creative and healthy because of this work. It has personally and professionally helped me to maximize my ability to contribute to others.”
– Anthony Robbins
Peak Performance Coach and Best-selling Author,
Unlimited Power



Moving Through Challenges with Progress not Pain!

  • Do you find yourself stuck when something out of the ordinary comes up that wasn’t accounted for?  You know that “Deer caught in Headlights” feeling?!
  • Do you find yourself going in circles chasing the tail of “OVERWHELM”?
  • Are you tired of coming up against the same Walls of Adversity, feeling depressed and defeated?  rather then empowered and fierce!!
If this sounds like you, you may be suffering from an outdated belief that has been so ingrained!… the belief that… “Pain = Gain” !
Perhaps you would rather be moving through challenges with Progress!
  • Would you rather feel excited and even happy when a challenge arose!
  • Know that an opportunity has presented itself to see what you’re really made of!
  • Know that you’ve already won!
  • Be in touch with utilizing your strengths and talents that make life exciting and effortless!
If So, then this workshop is for you! …. Make Mole Hills out of Your  Mountains!  
  • Learn what Your Lead Strategy  is to unlock solutions and creativity effortlessly
  • Learn How Set yourself up for Success Every-time!
  • Learn what you’re doing that is Draining your Energy and making mountains out of molehills ie getting you into Overwhelm
  • Understand the distinction of what element of your persona is helping and hindering you!
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Wanting to feel more at “Home” in your own Body?  Feeling pain and experiencing suffering, knowing that you would like more connection to yourself and others?

Click here to hear how you can embody the “Law of Attraction” in a practical and easy way.  Listen to a Professional, Dr. J. Anna Stid DC, talk with Emmanuel and Stephanie from Our Wish Radio about how to find Peace in your body!

Our Wish Radio Interview with Dr. J. Anna Stid DC

The SECRET, “The Secret” Forgot to Tell You!!!

Ok, so you’ve watched The Secret, ….. And….. You got how cool it was that  ” Your thoughts become Things”…

Then….you tried it!!!… and …… and…. well….. you’re still waiting for that “Thing” or “Person” or “Event” to magically appear right?….. Huh…

As..Abraham Hicks (Authors of “Ask and it is Given” & “The Vortex”) puts it, “Where’s my Stuff?!!!

Then you watch some John or Jane Doe or someone you actually know…Pull what ever they are “Asking For” almost magically out of thin air!!

And… You’re thinking….What?!! …..While rubbing your temples, you suspiciously ask that person … “Well… how in the world did you do that?!!” …

To which the reply is almost always… ” I don’t know it just happened” !

I don’t know about you… but after hearing that…. I felt a little annoyed or perhaps a bit irritated.

How is it that …that person was able to do something, I somehow couldn’t… or at least not yet! Are you feeling a little slighted here too?  Perhaps in Awe, and wondering “What super power does this person possess that I don’t??

Like You, I was that person asking… and wondering ok… so,  “Where is my Stuff then ??!”    …. Cause Darn it! I want to do that too!

Here’s a little secret…. You actually can!

What would it feel if you were in that magical Flow…?  To be  “that person” that has Things, People, & Events unfolding magically before your eyes?

How about…… Pretty Freaking Awesome…. YES!!  

….. And then you ask… ok but HOW??…..Where do I begin?!

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EMBODYING THE LAW OF ATTRACTION ~ Complimentary Introductory Evening!

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OK… looking forward to seeing “Your Stuff”!!