The Secret to Finding Peace in Your Body Anytime- Anywhere!

I am a rock-climber at heart and one of my favorite places to climb in the summer months is Idlewild at Lily Rock (much nicer name then its common name of Suicide Rock).  I was coming down the trail after a long day of climbing and like most climbing injuries they happen post the ascent on the descent.   One is usually less hyper vigliant and a bit more tired and exhausted.  Only this was on the trail, I made a wrong move and slipped on a moving rock and bam!  landed funky on my ankle and bum.  As most I sat there in shock for a moment asking myself, did this really happen?

Then the pain set in and I realized quickly that it did!  Luckily I had some resources, I used a certain technique usually accompanied with Network Chiropractic called Somato- Respiratory Integration or Body-Breath connection.  I started to breathe in my nose and out my mouth to establish a connection in my mind that I was indeed going to be ok.  Then I put my hands on my body one on top of the other over my belly button and began to belly breathe in my nose…out my mouth.  This put my whole body and heightened state of flight or flight into a more relaxed mode and I begin to come back into my body and feel my way past the pain.  After I established this connection, I began to transfer that area of peace and connection from my belly to my sprained ankle.  Going back and forth spending at least twice the amount of time over my belly and half the time over my ankle, as that was the area currently experiencing peace in my body-mind experience.

Wouldn’t you know it… I got my body mind to connect and stabilize and create enough ease in my ankle that I was able to walk 10 minutes later.  I still had a little hobble mind you and given the hard fall I was so amazed to see the technique I have consistently used with my clients come through for me a such a real to life situation, outside of the office, that I have a new found respect for its practicality on a whole new level.

This video was done my colleague Dr. Linda down in L.A. , its a great video to show you how to do SRI stage 1.  This is the technique I used to stablize my ankle on my descent fall.  I teach this technique to clients here in the Bay Area of San Francisco

Dr. J. Anna Stid is a Network Chiropractor and Somato Respiratory Intergration Facilitator in Noe Valley area of San Francisco.


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