No More Humpty Dumpty… A Paradigm Shift in Today’s Healing Model

The New Paradigm of Healing……..   Re Organizational Healing

From humpty- dumpty on the wall to the Caterpillar coming through the cocoon to the Beautiful Butterfly!

Commentary by Dr. J. Anna Stid DC

Dr. Epstein is the founder and creator of Network Spinal Analysis, Somato Respiratory Integration, and Re-Organizational Healing.  The outdated models of there is something “Wrong with me , I must get it diagnosed and I must Fix it back to where I was before this happened”.   What if we were to move forward through the event that caused pain and revolutionize ourselves rather then going back to where we were before – The Past.  This does require us to shift and change.  In our society most would rather stay in suffering and pain or even die then change.  What we really have to acknowledge is our fear of the unknown.  What if you had all the tools and resources you needed to move through the fire and come out the Phoenix.  This is what I would term as sustainable healing as it meets the needs of what is currently being asked of us to step forward to improve the lives of ourselves, our family, our children, our community, the world at large.  Question:  would you rather be Humpty – Dumpty a cracked egg or the little yellow chic that emerges with new properties of life and all the possibilities that lay ahead!

Dr. J. Anna Stid is a Network Spinal Analysis Chiropractor that specializes in Re-Organizational Healing.  She also practices Somato Respiratory Integration.  

Dr. Stid is practices in Noe Valley area of San Francisco, CA


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