The SECRET, “The Secret” Forgot to Tell You!!!

Ok, so you’ve watched The Secret, ….. And….. You got how cool it was that  ” Your thoughts become Things”…

Then….you tried it!!!… and …… and…. well….. you’re still waiting for that “Thing” or “Person” or “Event” to magically appear right?….. Huh…

As..Abraham Hicks (Authors of “Ask and it is Given” & “The Vortex”) puts it, “Where’s my Stuff?!!!

Then you watch some John or Jane Doe or someone you actually know…Pull what ever they are “Asking For” almost magically out of thin air!!

And… You’re thinking….What?!! …..While rubbing your temples, you suspiciously ask that person … “Well… how in the world did you do that?!!” …

To which the reply is almost always… ” I don’t know it just happened” !

I don’t know about you… but after hearing that…. I felt a little annoyed or perhaps a bit irritated.

How is it that …that person was able to do something, I somehow couldn’t… or at least not yet! Are you feeling a little slighted here too?  Perhaps in Awe, and wondering “What super power does this person possess that I don’t??

Like You, I was that person asking… and wondering ok… so,  “Where is my Stuff then ??!”    …. Cause Darn it! I want to do that too!

Here’s a little secret…. You actually can!

What would it feel if you were in that magical Flow…?  To be  “that person” that has Things, People, & Events unfolding magically before your eyes?

How about…… Pretty Freaking Awesome…. YES!!  

….. And then you ask… ok but HOW??…..Where do I begin?!

HINT:  Here’s  a great start ….   Find out the Secret that “The Secret” forgot to tell you at…

EMBODYING THE LAW OF ATTRACTION ~ Complimentary Introductory Evening!

  • UN-Learn What you Thought  was the Best Way to get “Your Stuff”, that is actually killing your Manifest Mojo every time!
  • Learn to Read Your 5 Senses like Sign-posts to let you know that you are on the Right Track!
  • Learn How to Clear Out the Negativity that is blocking “Your Stuff” & Learn how to Listen for your Heart’s Deepest Desires!”

WHEN:  Sunday October 9th, 4:45pm-6pm & Thursday Oct. 13th from 6-7:15pm

WHERE:   Celebration of Life Center, 4530 18th street @ Ord (just past the Castro), SF, CA

Click here to Reserve Your SPOT!!

Limited Seating Available!

OK… looking forward to seeing “Your Stuff”!!


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