Clear, Resolve, Reset, Refresh!

Clearing the Path for Resolution to Start the New Year off Fresh!

I love this time of year, aside from all the fun Holiday fare, the lights, and all celebrations; I also love the winter-water time of Soul Reflections.  The moments where one gets lost in the trance of a fire or candle light listening to soft music and finding ourselves reminicing over all the memories of the past.  As the days grow shorter and shorter, this begins an opportunity to re-access, and take inventory of all that we have accomplished, as well as, all the challenges presented as people and experiences we have learned from. * I like to work with Archangel Jeremiel in this process as he assists in resolution.

I like to clear out the old good and “bad” parts of the past year or years past so that the new and fresh can arrive.  I feel like this is a step most often missed, in the goal setting process, as one needs to empty the cup before one can refill it again.  So I want to invite you all to do some kind of releasing ceremony to let go of this past year or years past to make space for your vision for 2012 up through the Winter Solstice on Wednesday December 21st.

1) This can look like writing down a list of the things: you wanted to accomplish and didn’t this past year, any dissappointments, addictions, people who no longer support you where you are, any forgivenesses, blocks, emotions, anything keeping you in the past good or bad.  Then either taking the list and burning it or putting it in a bowl of water.

2) Next, I like to light a candle, and take a salt water bath using 5lbs of rock salt with my favorite essential oils in the hottest water I can stand for as long as I can.  Then I release half the water and add cold water to seal in the good or take a cool shower.   FYI~ You will be vibrating at a high calibration so take it easy when you get out!

3) Take some releasing actions steps … ie clean out some old clothes in the closet, release a pair of shoes I don’t wear anymore, clean out a drawer, let go of some trinkets and jewelry… You may even be able to cut your Holiday spending down by doing a Give Away of nice things to people you love that you yourself no longer use anymore! Plus its a green way to reduce-reuse, recycle, or donate!

This weekend I got to particpate in the Mother of all Releasing Ceremonies with Pixie Campbell!!  Wow, Iam sooo greatful and released so much and felt compelled to share with you some of the things I do at the end of the Year to make room for the new to show up!

Happy Holidays!


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