Holiday Wellness Tips for A Happier Healthier Celebration!

~ Wash your hands often, tis the germ season

~ Drink Herbal Teas~ They are warming and the steam from your kettle reduces the “airbournes” in your house

~ Avoid Caffine, Alcohol, Sugar and if you know you’re going to have it eat healthy before and after- Kombucha is a great way to balance

~ Drink Green smoothies with Kale, cucmber, Spinach to alkalininze your diet if adding more sugar then ususal

~ Get plenty of Rest give yourself a break… the winter is a time for rest not go go go!

~ Go for a walk!!  get some fresh air, grab a friend and go… stress can increase during this time so some form of exercise will reduce the holiday buildup!

~ Remember to Breathe and don’t sweat the small stuff


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