Embodying The Law of Attraction – 4 Class series 2011

Location:  Celebration Center 4530 18th St. San Francisco, CA 94114

Dates:  Saturdays- Oct. 15th, 29th, Nov. 5th, 19th

Time:  10am-12pm

Investment:  $30 per class or pre-register & (Save $20+) for all 4 Classes for only $ 99 

*Each of these classes is designed to build a deeper understanding of embodying the law of attraction in sequential order and each class is also designed to stand alone.

To Register:  Call 415-325-2133

or email:

*limited spots available- Register Your Seat Today!


Saturday, Oct. 15th,  10am-12pm

Class One-  Anatomy of Our 5 Energetic Intelligences & The 4 Seasons of Well-being


1. How to Clear your mind, root and energize with earth energies & Universal Consciousness

2. The 5 levels of Energetic Intelligences & how they organize us from Spirit to Matter

3. The Gifts from the 4 Season’s of: Discover, Transform, Awaken, & Integrate


Saturday, Oct. 29th, 10am – 12pm

Class 2:  How to Transform Pain into Peace with Somato Respiratory Integration tm

1. A unique sequence of Breath, Movement, & Energy engage the Body

2. Where your Anchors to Peace vs. Pain are to increase relaxation & reduce pain

3. How to transfer Peace to areas of distress in the body- anytime anywhere!


Satuday, Nov. 5th, 10am -12pm

Class 3:  How to Stay in your Manifestation Vortex with the Triad of Change


1. How your Perceptions, Structures, and Behaviors amplify or drain your energy

2. How to Powerfully shape your life experience using these 3 elements

3. How to optimize the triad of change to avoid pain and enhance progress 


Saturday, Nov. 19th, 10am- 12pm

Class 4:  Embodying your Manifestation Vortex with the Healing Waves of Re-Organization Healing


1. The difference between the “Restoring” and “Re-Organizing” paradigm

2.    How to be your own body whisperer and decipher the Secret Message of Pain

3.   How to create Congruence in mind-body-soul to harmonize & attract more Synchronicity

3.   Experience riding the Healing waves & Increase your Manifestation-Vortex to the next Level!!

(*Demonstration & Participation Included in this Class)



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